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Our home staging service is a combination of simplicity and aesthetics to equally balance the beauty and utility of any home space. The theme and style of our staging eliminate clutter and gives a luxurious and trendy feel.

Our All Inclusive Service offers our Developers, Real Estate brokers and Homebuyers an extensive selection of high-end furniture, accessories, and custom-made artworks, which will give life to their space and make every potential buyer feel at home.


Home Staging Services

Home Staging Consultation

  • A MIB 360 home stager will visit your home, discuss your budget and timeframe and conduct a complete tour of your home, taking measurements, photos and notes. The MIB 360 home stager will look over the property concentrating on such issues as condition, presence of clutter, cleanliness, traffic flow, furniture placement, light and use of color and space. At the end of the visit, they will provide you a checklist of detailed recommendations and a prioritized action plan that will make your home Open House ready. We can give you advice on what to remove, where to shop, and suggest colors choices so you can begin to make changes immediately. At this point you may request a cost estimate for us to do the actual staging process. If you prefer to do all the work by yourself and don't know where to start, this is your best option.
Home Staging with Existing Furniture

  • If you prefer us to do the actual staging work, we can give your home all the attention and expertise that it deserves to get it ready to show in the best light. This usually can be accomplished within a matter of days.
    A MIB 360 home staging professional will visit your home. They will conduct a complete walk-thru of your home, taking notes, measurements, and "before" photos. The home stager will concentrate on such issues as condition, presence of clutter (decluttering), cleanliness, traffic flow, furniture placement, light and use of color and space. Next, we will prepare a cost estimate for your approval, describing the scope of work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental, if needed.
    How it works: We will learn about your budget and timeframe. 
Home Staging with Our Furniture

  • This level of service is for staging a vacant or model home. Furniture from a rental company or from our own inventory is arranged for and decorative accessories are purchased or provided on a rental basis.

    The initial step is to discuss your budget, timeframe and identify your target buyer with the goal of creating a staged home that will appeal to the largest audience. After visiting the space and meeting with you, we will prepare a cost proposal describing the scope of work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental.

    A MIB 360 Home Staging professional will do the actual work of staging, hanging artwork and placing of decorative accessories. When we leave, your property will be Open House ready.


What Our Clients Say

"Sold the house in 1 day after using your services. Will use again for sure!"

Rachel Sekler
Real Estate Agent
Harvey Kalles

"Your home staging service made a huge difference between a house that stands for too long for sale, and a house that is sold within a few days. Thank you MIB 360 team!"

Amalya Hamilton
Home Owner

"MIB 360 made our home look so beautiful that I wanted to buy it myself!"

Lola Bergman
Home Owner



MIB 360 is a home staging company catering to clients who are looking for a marketing edge to stand out against the competition in selling their vacant or occupied home or apartment to buyers in the greater Toronto area. Our focus is working with home sellers and real estate agents to prepare their property for a successful sale. 

As Certified Advanced Stagers we transform a property into a buyer's must-have through the use of targeted lifestyle marketing techniques and advanced staging methods to make a space appear brighter, larger and more desirable. Regardless of our client's budget or timeframe, we can develop a home staging plan that is right for them.

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Home staging Toronto
Home staging Toronto
Home staging Toronto

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